Revered Dadaji is activist philosopher, also can be seen as a social scientist or a social reformer. According to Rev.Dadaji, philosophy, which is a science of reality, should not become merely an intellectual jugglery of cold logic and refined language. It should be both a view and a way of life applicable to common man as well as the scholar. Philosophy must affect life, transform it and also elevate it. A philosophy which fails to transform and elevate our live from merely human to the divine level : then only two alternatives follow; either we have not understood our philosophy or philosophy not worth studying. The fruits of the study of philosophy are foresight and insight.


God does not work for you, he works with you....

Rev. Dadaji's philosophy is both life transforming and life elevating. A philosopher accorign to Rev. Dadaji is jnanpurna (full of wisdom), bhav-purna (full of kindness and emotions) and Kruti Sheel (ever engaged in elevating human spirit). Rev. Dadaji's philosopher is a friend and guide of the mankind. Philosophy not only satisfies intellectual curiosity but also enhances the emotional, aesthetic, moral and spiritual dimensions of human personality. It enriches life and gives meaning and purpose to human existence.

This self-assertion, self-awareness and self-esteem removes gradually many evils and weaknesses from man and bring gradual transformation and elevation of life.

Understanding of indwelling God establishes relationship of Divine Brotherhood between man and man under the fatherhood of God. Once we accept the doctrine of Rev. Dadaji's indwelling God, then, there is established a bridge between man and man. Though one man differs from another man, still there is common bond between them and that bond is the indwelling presence of God. Thus the relationship through God, through Bhakti becomes self-transcending. One can raise gradually from reverence to oneself, reverence to other human selves, reverence to plant life, animal life and finally reverence to the entire creation of God. All the barriers built by man get destroyed and man becomes citizen of kingdom of God.

According to Rev. Dadaji the best study of the mankind is man himself. The central focus of Rev. Dadaji's attention and concern is man. Rev. Dadaji is not much interested in building theories of cosmology and epistemology. According to Rev. Dadaji, all the problems of a modern man are due to alienation of man from himself and his creator. The remedy is Swadhyay (Self-knowledge / Self development ). For Rev. Dadaji to be is to be related. The individual is a spark/part of The Divine. One owes one's existence to god who is the inner most aspect of our total being. The continuous awareness of this indwelling divinity restores human dignity and one starts adoring and respecting one self.

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