Rev. Dadaji's vision surpasses all the contemporary ideologies such as individualism, collectivism, socialism, capitalism, rationalism, liberalism, hedonism, scientism, etc. He always emphasises "instrumental devotionalism" and the dynamics of integral development of individual and society. In a very true sense, he is the re-newer of our civilization. Rev.Dadaji's vision transcends limitations of nationality, race culture and religions. He does not advocate Sarva-dhrama Sambhav (equanimity of religions) or Sarva-dharma Samanvay (Consolidation of religions).

God does not work for you, he works with you....

Rev. Pandurang Shashtri Atahvale affectionately called by the members Swadhaya family as Dadaji (namely elder brother), is the founder and pioneer of the perennial Swadhayay process. His personality is not only multidimensional but also enigmatic; containing within itself seemingly contradictory traits. He is the confluence of the best in the eastern and western civilizations. He is also the meeting ground of traditional ancient wisdom and modern scientific, rational humanitarian thought.

He combines in him the traits of conservatism as well as radicalism. He is extremely cautious and highly adventurous. He is at home with every section of the society, irrespective of gender, age, caste, creed, community, religion, race, nationality, language, socio-economic status, educational status, etc., and yet taller than any one of them, he is a universal personality.

For all most all of those who have come into contact with his vision and have been touched by it, it has brought about a permanent transformation in their lives. To outside observer his vision is seen as a bold experiment of social creation and an evolving economic design that liberates the individual from the old confirming ways of work and living. His vision appears to be socially attainable, humanistically desirable and feasible on economic grounds.

It is equally compatible with earth and its finite resources, and is proving successful in bringing people closer to each other, gathering the alienated back in the warmth of community, and giving precedence to the creative forces of the human psyche over economic ones.

Instead he practices Sarvadharma Sweekar (Acceptance of all the religions). His emphasis on Bhakti (Devotion towards God) makes him truly a universal ,unifying personality.

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