Dr. Rudolf Haubst (Institute for International Research on St. Nicholos of Cusa) :

I have Studied "Bhagvad Gita" in Germany but after listening to Pujya Dadaji's analysis of "Bhagavad Gita", I feel that even Saint Nicholos, the great scholor of Chritianity would have been attracted towards "Bhagavad Gita". Through the depth and width of his discourses Rev. Dada reaches the heart of the listeners.

God does not work for you, he works with you....

Sir John Tempelton (at the Award ceremony of Templeton Prize) :

Today we rejoice that the person that is selected by the nine judges who come form the all five major religions, is someone who has done something new in the spiritual information that is different from anything done before. It is a new concept which thrills me. I could not have imagined 1,00,000 villages would now be living by the principle pf Mr. Athavale. Perheps this concept would be useful in America, Europe and many other areas. This is a thrilling new invention in spiritual development information. It is a great joy to see what Mr. Atahvale has achieved, accomplished in one lifetime and how it is rolling in future.

Dr. Helmet Pfeiffer (Translator of 'Vision of of God', a book dedicated to Rev. Dadaji from Geman to Latin) :

I can not but believe the fact that five lac people assemble to listen to one man who talks about God. Where else it could happen?

Dr. Betty Unterberger :

Swadhyay is devoid of any religious or secterian boundaries and limitations. Rev Dadaji has imbibed in himself the knowledge of Indian culture and modern science, techonology and philosophy. What we have understood of Rev. Dada and Rev. Dada's work, it gives feeling of touching only the tip of an iceberg.

Mr. Bashar Muvier Salih (Public Relation Manager in Behrin) :

Brotherhood amongst mankind is the fundamental principle of "Koran". Allah is almighty, by whatever name one may call. I would not have invited Rev. Dadaji to Behrin if there was no similarity between Rev. Dadaji's and Islam's preaching. Mainly, he spoke before Muslim community and people welcomed his Philosophy.

Mr. R.K. Shrivastrav :

Dada is a highly accessible philosopher, a scholar and teacher with extraordinary persuasive powers. He combines an intense inner life of mind and the equally intense life of an active and a constructive worker. Though, he has never attended a university, he is a university unto himself.

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