Rev. Dadaji has put heart throbbing and persuasive labour to lift mankind from reactionary animal-like plane to highly creative divine plane and these enormous efforts, he says is his way of loving the creations of God. That is why no strata of society and no cultural psyche on this globe has remained aloof from his influence. An urge has emerged in millions, to strive towards divinity just because that happens to be only way, to love in return to Rev. Dadaji and seemingly hypothetical task of " to aspire for the Divine" becomes reality into the lives of millions.

It seems like Rev. Dadaji has invited rest of the mankind to join his dialogues with God. Magnate of Rev. Dadaji's spirit is so powerful that even his personal family (it would erroneous to say personal because as God does not have anything personal, Rev. Dadaji's whole being is universal) which includes Rev. Tai (Mrs. Nirmalatai Pandurang Athavale, his wife), Adarniya Didi (Mrs. Jayshree Athavale Talwalkar, his daughter) and Respectable Raosaheb (Mr. Shriniwas Talwalkar, Son-in Law) have become part of every Swadhayees' family.

While parental security is found in Rev. Dadaji and Rev. Tai, urge of millions of Swadhayees to love Rev. Dadaji is visualized in Adarniya Didi's endeavors and zeal to share Rev. Dadaji's spirit with mankind. Sheer respect surfaces towards hearty and hidden support of respectable Raosaheb.

The engulfing character of Rev. Dadaji is the only mode by which exclusively divine and ideologically elite thoughts and concepts are seen in day-to-day living of hundreds of thousands of common people. It is the most fascinating phenomenon that has occurred, that not the divinity is percolated into the masses but the masses are engulfed into the Divine realm through Rev. Dadaji.

God does not work for you, he works with you....
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